The Trip Is Over! More Content To Come

Thanks for tuning in over the last month, we appreciate everyone taking time out of their days to see what we were doing with ours.

In case any of you don't know, Joe opted to return to Georgia for another two weeks to film a documentary about the murder of Sandro Girgvliani. Sandro and our Georgian friend Budzgu grew up together, the tragedy can be fully explained once Joe's video is finished and a web site is up. A certain Nini may also have something to do with Joe's return to Tbilisi. Joe's roadtripping it out to his new job in L.A. at the end of August.

Ryan is in New York City until the end of the week, purchasing work clothes, drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and wandering the city aimlessly. He returns to Billings, Montana in a few days and will be off to begin work in London at the beginning of fall.

I returned to Minnesota on Wednesday after spending a few days in The City. I'm still in culture shock, but it feels good to be home. I'll be in the Twin Cities for two weeks and then I return to Europe, tough life! You can check out my continuing travels at Travel Blog Dot Org. After the trip it's reality time, and I plan to move to NYC to pursue a career in...something. Any ideas?

Over the next week or so I'll add pictures from our trip, each with a separate theme. Check back daily and leave those comments (we crave 'em).

Istanbul Airport in the very early morning of July the third.


Blogger FDSJ said...

Wow! Such a trip. I'm sure you'll have stories for a long time. Joe is staying another two weeks! Sort of not surprised,hope he enjoys the extended time in Georgia. It's a long way to California from there. If any of you venture near Chestnut Hill...stop in. Ciao.

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Jarret said...

It's been wonderful sharing the trip with yall, even in the smallest way. I love comparing the three different perspectives, not to mention writing styles. If only the "Chase" character was developed a little more fully... Just got back from NYC for the fourth and now in Boston looking forward to more from all yall. I really like the 'yall', I'm gonna keep it.

1:37 AM  
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