The Plan

So that's us. Ryan, Chase, and Joe. Three men, recent alums of Boston College. One's an investment banker in London. Another is a producer in Hollywood. And the third... well, maybe the third is living home next year. But all three have one thing in common: About to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Black Sea Trip 2k6.

Origins of the trip:

The idea for the trip came about last summer when Joe finished up a program called the American Institute for Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) in Prague. There, he met a lot of cool cats from over 25 Eastern European countries. That sparked his idea to take an insane trip to visit these foreign and faraway lands.

Ryan Millikan was on board and then Chase Turner joined the group. Mike Cherkezian was supposed to come, but then he bailed out on us. And for that, we will eternally tease him about his sister being hot.

After many times of changing plans and figuring out details, we have a rough idea of where we are going.

In very particular order,






You are invited to join us as we update the blog site hopefully everyday on our 30 day sojourner. You will share in the excitement, the laughter, the tears... and most likely you'll have less of a chance of being kidnapped than we do.

Stay tuned!


Blogger Hans said...

Hi Guys, great idea, I am sure that you will really enjoy that trip. Joe contacted me. I am sure you will like Georgia. I hope you'll put up some great photos here. Best regards, Hans from Tbilisi

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Jarret said...

I wonder how many people speak Arabic or Italian in these countries...looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy NYC for now and good luck!

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe and company,

I just saw Hostel. What a fucked up film. Be wary of beautiful women that might try to lure you into a slaughter house.

I'm looking forward to the updates. Have fun.


11:04 PM  
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