No Rock Goes Unturned Until We Find Barabon

When in Kiev, walk down the streets staring at a model every five minutes with a refreshing brew in hand and turn over every damn rock until you find Barabon, or so our night went. After discovering that our hostel was a joke, and that for 60 euro a night we could be renting a "wait until you see my apartment" flat, as the shady guy named Yeyellee implored over the phone, we took off in a taxi after the Ukrainian monsoon for our new home for a few days. The place is nice, and tommorow, if the social scene can rival that of Tbilisi Georgia, we will throw a pre-party, party, or after-party.

Now back to the turned rocks (or arches) of Baradon. We met a cool Canuck from Quebec last night and over a glass of Georgian wine (quite good, thanks Sophie) decided the Chernobyl Museum would be a cool adventure for this morning. After meeting up with his travel buddy for some breakfast we headed out for a museum about a senseless tragedy that altered the lives, amibitions, and futures of thousands. Nothing like another reminder of Soviet wrecklessness to brighten up the morning, right?

So the museum was cool, but we don't speak Russian or Ukrainian. But we ran into a stroke of luck when a very interesting and friendly Ukraine Peace Corps veteran who was nice enough to tranlate and arrange a video tour. The video tour provided a little more insight but still kept our curiosity anxiously in queue for the facts, the figures, and, for the love, some descriptive English.

Scott, the Peace Corps guy, definitely made our transition into Kiev a little smoother. And he introduced us to Barabon. Barabon is a awesome restaurant, a hole in the wall (or alley) type joint where a bunch of expats hang out. And this "word of mouth place," was definitely a nook.

We set out around 6 in the evening, groggy after an afternoon powernap and some world cup action, eager to see the heart of Kiev and explore our new neighborhood. I was willing to eat street food at this point, but Chase insisted that Barabon was the jump off.

So we set out, with a written street map in hand, to find Barabon. Two hours later, after Joe had approached several people saying in Russian, "excuse me, I don't speak Russian, but can you tell me where Barabon is?" and backtracking all over the busy Ukrainian street; after walking aimlessly for about an hour and then deciding that we were getting warmer and warmer; after looking right at the place and walking away because we figured Barabon would have a sign; after gazing at about 50 models and all thinking this was a dream; after two hard earned hours we found Barabon.

Joe and Chase were smart enough to order great meals. Unfortunately I love breakfast and ordered the British breakfast. Foul would be an understatement, and I have to eat that starting August for the next six months? No way. We ran into a bunch of great ex-pats as promised, had some great conversation, and unwinded after an interesting morning, a monsoon, and a quest for a bachelor pad. It's now 11:30 and time to hit the town. Watch out Kiev.


Blogger FDSJ said...

do you each chicken kiev in kiev? just curious.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous smd said...

who orders british breakfast in russia... you'll have plenty of time for the travesty of the morning meal in a few months- my advice: hold off as long as possible

5:22 AM  
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