Crazy Turkish Night (Part Two)

So the next night arrived, as what normally happens when the earth spins around so much that the sun is out of view, and we were going to meet up with Mike Cherkezian and Dan Fink. We had spent the whole day lounging around not doing really anything, and finally we had the opportunity to meet up with these cats. They had spent the last two weeks traveling throughout Turkey, and in their last night in Istanbul, we were going to meet up. So we see them in front of the blue mosque, we all shared our adventures together, and headed out.

We spent the time talking about our experiences and hung out in the room a bit laughing over how in the course of one day Dan negotiated a rug salesman to sell a rug for 600 dollars less, or how funny it was when in an open and wide plaza I snuck behind Mike, grabbed his bag, and started running, or how we would mess with a few of the thousands and thousands of Turkish beggars by saying that we cannot purchase their wares because it gives us extraordinarly terrible gonorrhea. They didn't udnderstand what that meant.

We hit up the town, and went out to a bar that featured a real relaxing, jazzy band. The band was just like the chill-out hostel, minus the hostel. There we met two Australians on their honeymoon who we hung out with the whole time. I developed a theory about Turks that night. Three truths exist.

1) They smoke lots of cigarettes
2) They could be friendlier
3) They dance really horribly.

In regards to number three, I thought they were having epiturkik seizures. Mike and I did our 40 second long handshake and put them all to shame.

It was late after the club, and we decided we might as well stay up all night because of our flight in the early morning to Trabzon. So on our way back, committed we were going to get Mike Cherkezian to pay for a hooker from a brothel, we strategically manipulated our way back to the Chill Out Hostel to walk back past the one that was down our street (this one by the way was a REAL one with many women hanging out of windows). When Mike realized what was going on he booked and we stood there laughing. Apparently there were pimps hanging around outside and they didn't like us standing there, so one of them took a giant brick and hurled it at us. We didn't know how to say, "Sorry" or "We are leaving now" in Turkish (and I certainly didn't want to say "Seni Seviyorum" or "Seni Dovmek Istiyorum") so we walked away laughing about the whole thing.

We then got some food, hung out a bit, and parted our separate ways. Mike, Dan, and Australians, we're thinking of you guys and we hope you enjoy the rest of YOUR adventures as you follow us on ours.


Blogger Anne Marie said...

Hi Joe,
I am enjoying this blog. You are all such great writers! It's alomst like being there. I feel compelled to offer one thought as your older wiser cousin from Connecticut - and that is that perhaps the fourth truth is that if you loiter in front of a brothel, a pimp will hurl a brick at you. Above all else, stay safe and watch for flying bricks! The stories about the turkish bath and the group of school kids are wonderful. What memories to bring home!
Enjoy the rest of your trip,
Anne Marie

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys, happy to have made a mention! Twas great running into you all - hope all's well on the road. We flew back into cold and horribly boring Sydney on Sunday suffering from a severe bout of post holiday depression but your blog is keeping me sane for tonight. Happy travels and stay safe. Cheers, Ela and Greg :-)

5:21 PM  
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